How To Use Airline Industry Loopholes To Enjoy Super Cheap Travel

“Save 10% To 75% On Airline Tickets

Ex Airline employee shares insider closed door information on how to buy very cheap flights.  Pay wholesale prices for airline tickets and accommodation… 

This book was so eye opening & totally changed my approach to buying air tickets – I no idea of the deals that I had access to at the click of a mouse and saved $340 on my first flight…..Jacob Samuels  Michigan

From the keyboard of Clare Ryan (Ex Airline Employee)

Hi Fellow Traveller,

Whether you are taking a short jaunt to a destination or travelling to see the world, it always seems like air tickets are the most expensive aspect of travelling depending on your season and destination.

This is because most of us are buying airline fares as an every day consumer without the wholesale knowledge of how airlines establish fare prices, what they have to do to make it profitable and most importantly how you can bypass the middleman and legally get access to wholesale very cheap flights anytime YOU like.

If You Have Been Paying Painfully High Retail Prices For Airline Tickets… Now You DON’T Have To

It’s time for some straight talk about airfares and to reveal some of the truths & myths about the airline industry.  The best airfare prices are not reserved for travel agencies alone, you too can buy the cheapest airline tickets available with a little insider knowledge of where and how to look…

Let me explain…

I am Clare Ryan, an ex airline employee and a former travel store owner. I have witnessed all that happens within the travel and airfare industry. I have seen all the contradictions and discrepancies in how airline tickets are priced and sold to the customer.

The sad fact is that most people buy varying and often ridiculously overpriced airfares because they are  unaware of how & where to get the cheapest airline tickets available, free accommodation or other privileges that we were NOT ALLOWED to tell people about.

And, THAT was REALLY very frustrating for me.

I wanted to get this off my chest…..almost every airline is selling you over priced airline tickets at ridiculous markups…..sometimes for twice what you could be paying.

As a retailer of these tickets I found this disturbing & stressful for my conscience…..So, I got out of the airline business and decided to reveal the absolute truth - so you’ll know exactly where & how to get the best airline prices and save yourself up to 90% on tickets.

It’s Not Just Travel Agencies That Have Access To The Cheapest Airline Tickets Available At Wholesale Discounted Rate Deals!

I wrote down all my knowledge and experience about the airline industry in an e-book that reveals how you can use the tools airfare wholesalers do to buy cheap airfare tickets (which they usually sell to you at full retail price) as well as teaching you lots of tricks and tips to get free upgrades and superior accommodation at a much lower cost.

Never pay retail again & get the best airline prices – any time you wish.

Airlines have seats to fill, sometimes they overbook to account for the numbers of flyers who miss flights, and other times they don’t get enough passengers for the days they need.

How they deal with these contingencies is a closely guarded secret because…knowing how to book flights from the same places as the travel agencies do at ridiculously low wholesale prices is not  only super easy to do, but completely legal, and ethically sound…..BUT the agencies that sell tickets don’t want you to know this.

Airlines want you to fly, but there are days and times they will reward and even pay you to fly on every day and week of the year!

Think of the deli at your local supermarket, you pay the most for fresh produce and food, but not when it’s drawing close to it’s use by date.

The same principle applies to airlines.  If you understand how the system works it’s really easy to ethically & legally buy direct from the wholesalers and take full advantage of the astoundingly cheap fares airlines offer to people who know when and where to fill in their “gaps”.

There are many ways you can bypass many of the consumer or retail on and offline methods sellers use to promote what look like low prices.  Many travel companies claim to be offering the best airfare prices, and this is true if you are comparing these with what every other retail paying traveller is paying.

How You Can Get Very Cheap Air Tickets At Airline Employee Prices:

  • Get FREE hotel accommodation
  • Get free extra travel paid by the airline just to stay over a day or two more (or less) and travel on the days they want you to.
  • You can still travel at your convenience, at a time and on a route that suits you while saving hundreds to thousands of dollars every time you fly.
  • Learn how to get free upgrades and premium service just by mentioning one thing when you book

Introducing This Unique One Of A Kind Ebook

Airline Insider Secrets To Free Or Insanely Cheap Airfares

How to get heavily discounted or FREE air travel & accommodation worldwide using the tools tricks & resources of airline insiders….

Cheap Airfares

So Let’s Dive In And See What’s Inside

This 25 page ebook gives you all the no nonsense no fluff information to save you hundreds to thousands of dollars on travel.

  • How to get the cheapest airline tickets available – anytime you want to travel
  • Discover the secret of cutting $100 off your next domestic flight!
  • Where to find cheap one way flights
  • Where to get cheap student flights
  • Learn how you can blow away 80% of the cost of your next international flight!
  • Unleash the never-before-revealed truth about airfare prices posted on travel sites and airline companies–they steal millions of dollars from travelers, including YOU, each year!
  • Know the secret time when you can find ridiculously low priced airfares online!
  • The magic question to ask a travel agent to get lower priced tickets or even free vouchers for airfare tickets!
  • Learn about the Airline’s pricing test experiments only known to the top employees that can save you hundreds off of your ticket!
  • Learn this simple secret method to get free food during your flight!
  • Learn the exclusive days of the week when you can find significantly discounted airline tickets!
  • Discover how to turn even the most luxurious flights into the biggest bargains!
  • How to avoid the huge cost of tipping without causing any hard feelings!
  • Learn the methods airlines use to determine discounts and beat them at their own game!
  • Know what you should check before buying your ticket to avoid wasting hundreds of dollars!
  • Find out the jaw-dropping secret to travel to countries that you’ve been denied entry to!
  • Learn the fool-proof way to get a refund on a nonrefundable ticket!
  • Discover the truth about travel agents vs. airline agents that no one will tell you!
  • What you should know when booking your tickets through an agent!
  • Learn the truth that travel insurance companies are hiding from you!
  • Learn the magical things you can do to persuade the airline staff to offer you upgrades on your flight!
  • Learn the fool proof way to bypass the baggage insurance limit!
  • Discover hotel reservation secrets that you can use to get discounts!
  • Find out how to get hotel deals compared in a flash!
  • Unveil the surprising truth about those duty-free shops at the airports!
  • Discover how to get courtesy flight upgrades and discounts while traveling!
  • Learn how to save on a business-class ticket!
  • Find out how you can save when traveling with kids!
  • The secret of traveling completely free at someone else’s expense!
  • Use this clever secret trick when you have missed your flight so the airline will happily honor your flight anyway.
  • Secret resources where you can get insanely cheap tickets online!

Plus much more inside and a lot more in between

By the way, everything in this guide is 100% legitimate.

Here’s What You Get….

You will get this guide that will reveal the secrets for saving up to 90% on airfares any day and time of the year.

And here’s what else.

You will also get access to an EXCLUSIVE member’s area that contains EXCLUSIVE information, regular updates, links to sites that offer special airfare discounts, and a lot more ways to save money on airline tickets.

Pretty good, right?  But everyone want bonuses…

You will also get FREE updates to this guide.

Cost Cutting Benefits You’ll Enjoy

I wrote this guide so you can benefit from all of my insider knowledge and arm yourself with the tools you need to make informed choices when booking travel online or otherwise. Just look at some of the vacation budget boosting benefits you would be able to enjoy after reading this guide:

  • You will get a lot cheaper flights than you can even imagine – that means you will save a lot of money!!
  • You will be able to get discounted hotel deals and sometimesthey are even free!!
  • You will be able to enjoy FREE flight upgrades and more FREE perks!!
  • You will be able to travel to the countries you were previously NOT ALLOWED to!!
  • You will be able to travel anywhere in the world for less than the cost of what you had been paying in the past for a domestic trip!
  • You will be able to save money on every flight– that means more flights for you!

Save Up To 75% On Travel From Using The Tips In This Ebook!

Okay… you might be skeptical and that’s a natural & healthy reaction!!

I understand that… after all we don’t know each other. Why don’t you take a quick glance at what some REAL people like you have to say about the information inside this airfare guide and the useful resources they are enjoying inside the member’s area:

Wow this is really packed with to the point useful information & resources making it worth the price many times over! Ben Davidson, UK

Your book saved me $120 on hotel stays and I look forward to referring to the members page for booking my trip to Florida in August.  Lauren Nicholls, Tulsa

“What Is My Investment?”

Not as much as you may think…

Well… You know that this guide can help you save 10% to 90% on your next ticket (or an average $150 to $830 in savings)

And… I know you have already paid a lot more than you have to pay for your airline tickets… that you would have saved if you had the insider information presented in this guide about getting cheap airfares…

So I am offering this guide for only $57 $14 (which is less than half than anyone else charges for other books with similar or less information…and it’s a price I feel comfortable charging) 

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Don’t forget at one low price of $14 you will also get access to our exclusive member’s area where you will find a valuable list of freshly updated websites and resources to get dirt cheap flights.

Your Purchase Is Fully Protected By My 60 Days, Iron-Clad, 100%cheap airfares Money Back Guarantee!

I am offering you a practical, easy-to-read guide on getting cheap airfares that really works. I am confident about it and I want you to be confident too. That is why I am protecting your purchase with my 60 day, iron-clad, 100% money back guarantee.

This is by far the best resource if you are wanting to travel for less.  Thanks for sharing your expertise Clare.  Frank Brown,  Australia

Order this guide now read it and implement the strategies inside for a full 60 days. If you apply the information you will definitely get cheap airfares and save a lot of money on airfares.

If by chance there is anything you don’t like in this guide, or if you don’t save at least five times the cost of this book on your flight money… then you don’t need to keep it.  I will refund the entire purchase price back to you (you don’t even need me to get your money back). Yes, that means you will get your FULL MONEY BACK.

See… you have NOTHING to lose and only the cheapest airfares anytime you like…

Actually, You Get Double Protection

Here’s how…

  • First of all, you will simply save money on airfare or I will return your purchase price as per my money back guarantee.
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Warning: Retail Ticket Agents Aren’t Exactly Happy With Me Sharing This Information With The Public!

The information I have revealed in my guide has caused a lot of disturbance in the travel industry. Air lines and travel agents are angry that I am revealing the insider information and they want me to stop doing this. It’s quite possible they will succeed in their aims.

So, I urge you to get your hands on this guide that has all the insider secrets to getting the cheapest airfares while I am still able to offer it to you.

It’s Decision Time…

Do you want to continue paying inconsistent and exorbitant airfare prices, or do you want to enjoy cheaper flight rates, discounted hotel deals, free upgrades and save a lot of money & hassle?

Make the decision to save at least 10 times the cost of this guide in your first booking OR YOUR MONEY BACK!!

Keep in mind; if you buy this guide right now you will get all the secrets of buying the cheapest airline tickets at a bargain price of $57 $14, while many other people have paid $57 for this guide.

Here’s What You Can Do To Cut Your Air Ticket Cost Right Now

cheap travelClick on the order button below and grab your copy of the guide right now for a one-time payment of only $57 $14. Your order will be processed securely via Clickbank. You will be able to get this guide in PDF format within a few minutes. You will be given full directions on how to download it to your computer. I will also share my email address on the download page where you can contact me in case of any query. So– go get it!

Secure airline tickets

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To Your Share of Cheap Airfares,

Clare Ryan

Ex Airline Employee

Former Travel Store Owner

P.S. Don’t let the airlines bamboozle you with the overpriced tickets. Get this guide to learn the insider secrets, beat them at their own game, and enjoy the discounted, cheap airfares that are waiting for you right now. Order NOW

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Just saved myself $980 after trying all other options and thinking I was going to have to pay $3230 for a ticket to London. Didn’t think it was possible to save any more than I was already saving. Really happy with this book. James Denton, Sydney Australia

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